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About Nelseena

55 years ago, I was born in the little town of Ekalaka,
Montana. A village known for bucking horses and dinosaurs.

My folks drug me to the breaks of Powder River and I grew up in the West’s version of Mayberry. We lived in a wonderful community of friends who were like family. My brother and sister and I grew and flourished there, learning an appreciation for stewardship of the land and animals. We had horses, dogs, cats, cows, an occasional goat and various and sundry pets, that are not so common. Larry the antelope, Riki the Ferret, rabbits here and there etc.

Dad had an Artificial Insemination business, so we rode horseback almost every day in the summer time, we showed in FFA and I did track and volleyball.

I attended college on a rodeo and livestock judging scholarship at Casper College in the mid 80's. I worked all kinds of jobs, helping Coach Burch load hay trucks by the light of the full moon, taking care of the college rodeo stock, tending bars, waiting tables, ponying horses, tutoring English, baby sitting and always writing something.

I picked up a penchant for fine leather somewhere along the way and after college, I had a horse wreck which side lined me for awhile and I took a fancy to the local saddle shop. I got a great foundation which provided me with the opportunity to work in saddle and leather shops in Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas and Arizona.

I have dabbled in writing essays, blogs and even have done some radio work with Hale Multimedia, but I have always wanted to leave some of the great stories to my kids. Others have encouraged me along the way to write it down and some pushed hard enough, I followed through with a completed
manuscript which is now the book "Country Life Shenanigans."

My many experiences in these circles around sun have provided great material for my series of short stories which have become my first book.

There are still lots of stories to be told and I am hoping to write another book, but for now enjoy this one. Books are always available somewhere and I will even come speak to your banquet, your kids, or mature adults. I have a message to share.

Thanks for stopping by. Nelseena

Country Life Shenanigans
Country Life Shenanigans

by Nelseena Lehmann

Come to find out, I am a “TOO”, not actually a “TWO”. Let me see if I can recall all the “toos”. I am too tall, too heavy, too open, too sheltered, too tough, too much, too wild, too outrageous, too complicated, too damaged, too raw, too sentimental, too kind, too religious, too slow, too mouthy, too intolerant, too quick-tempered, too ambitious, too intense, too emotional, too simple, too nice, too outspoken, too much a dreamer, too conservative, too ranch-y, too eclectic, too responsible, I drive too fast, I fly too low, I worry too much, I have too many dogs, too many ideas, I talk too much, I dream too much... The list seems endless.

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