Teri Labree
About Teri Labree

My friend, Teri LaBree, was born and raised in southeastern Montana on 100 sections of sagebrush and short, hard grass country. Teri spent her life in ranching and rodeo communities and has raised two daughters Tiana and Makayla. Now this Chic lady is blooming into a phenomenal photographer.

Because of her background, Teri gravitates to ranch bronc rides, ranches, rodeos, powwows, and Native events. Virtually anything portraying the western heritage and the value of it’s authentic preservation.

Teri spends her time mostly in Arizona, but frequents Montana and takes advantage of the scenery that is available to her in her travels and all the places in between. She often travels with her border collie
sidekick, Sage.

For more information, orders or photo shoots, please contact Teri through her email teri.labree@gmail.com or call her (254)485-7996.

To see more of Teri’s work please check out her Instagram:
mywest.photography/teri.labreephotos or look for her on Facebook.

Thank you my friend for lending your talents to my book, website and blogs. You’re the bomb diggity.

~ Nelseena

Country Life Shenanigans
Country Life Shenanigans

by Nelseena Lehmann

Come to find out, I am a “TOO”, not actually a “TWO”. Let me see if I can recall all the “toos”. I am too tall, too heavy, too open, too sheltered, too tough, too much, too wild, too outrageous, too complicated, too damaged, too raw, too sentimental, too kind, too religious, too slow, too mouthy, too intolerant, too quick-tempered, too ambitious, too intense, too emotional, too simple, too nice, too outspoken, too much a dreamer, too conservative, too ranch-y, too eclectic, too responsible, I drive too fast, I fly too low, I worry too much, I have too many dogs, too many ideas, I talk too much, I dream too much... The list seems endless.

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