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I'm a Too!

I was born in the little town of Ekalaka,
Montana. A village known for bucking horses and dinosaurs. I grew up TOO much!

Come to find out, I am a “TOO”, not actually a “TWO”.

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The author's perspective on everyday life makes you want to keep reading. Her writing style is heavily influenced by the real American West: integrity, bad luck, good luck, grit, isolation, tragedy, beauty, awe, and faith.

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Country Life Shenanigans
Country Life Shenanigans

by Nelseena Lehmann

Come to find out, I am a “TOO”, not actually a “TWO”. Let me see if I can recall all the “toos”. I am too tall, too heavy, too open, too sheltered, too tough, too much, too wild, too outrageous, too complicated, too damaged, too raw, too sentimental, too kind, too religious, too slow, too mouthy, too intolerant, too quick-tempered, too ambitious, too intense, too emotional, too simple, too nice, too outspoken, too much a dreamer, too conservative, too ranch-y, too eclectic, too responsible, I drive too fast, I fly too low, I worry too much, I have too many dogs, too many ideas, I talk too much, I dream too much... The list seems endless.

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